Left Control to Muhenkan Key, etc.

Posted On February 15, 2008

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Instead of L_C, Muhenkan Key as L_C.
Henkan Key as Escape Key.

# xmodmap -pke
Check what keys are assigned.

Make this file, “.Xmodmap”
! muhenkan->ctrl, henkan->ctrl
keycode 131 = Control_L
add control = Control_L
keycode 129 = Escape

When login, .Xmodmap is loaded automatically.
Make this file, “.xinitrc”
xmodmap /home/(myaccount)/.Xmodmap


2 Responses to “Left Control to Muhenkan Key, etc.”

  1. Culip

    Your advice worked!

    On Ubuntu 9.04 Beta,

    0 Launch terminal, then move into the home directory (i.e. cd ~)

    1 Check your current keymap so as to find out the keycode of your Muhenkan.

    $ xmodmap -pke > keyMap.txt

    2 Open keyMap.txt like:

    $ gedit keyMap.txt&

    and search with “Muhenkan”. And you will see the keycode of Muhenkan. (NOTE that now you can delete keyMap.txt.)

    3 Make a file “.Xmodmap” on your home directory. In my case, the keycode was 102, so

    $ keycode 102 = Alt_L

    4 Reboot your system. Now your Muhenkan key works as the Alt-Left key.

  2. Culip


    $ keycode 102 = Alt_L

    keycode 102 = Alt_L

    (scratch “$ “)

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