PCLinuxOS ; graphic driver install (NVIDIA)

Posted On March 11, 2008

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Search what driver is needed for your video card.

For example, my video card needs NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.12. etc.

Search the similar name driver on Synaptic.

For example, nvidia_169.xx.

Install it, and reboot.

Now you can enjoy 3D desktop effects.


2 Responses to “PCLinuxOS ; graphic driver install (NVIDIA)”

  1. Arnfinn Forness

    I have downloaded the driver. And I, an absolutely newbee on Linux, has no idea of what to do. Well, I have read a lot of forums, but I have yet to find the information I need. I installed PCLinuxOS yesterday – after having tried Ubuntu 7.1 for a few days – which only made problems for me. PCLinuxOS works like a charm! But, as you may understand, I need to upgrade the graphics driver to NVIDIA 8600GT – and that is beyond my knowledge. You say: “Install it, and reboot.” Not much information in that. Where can I get this information, please?

    Arnfinn Forness

  2. myunko

    There is no need to install graphic driver from the nvidia site.
    Install nvidia_169.xx with synaptic.
    PCLinuxOS Control Center -> hardware -> 3D Desktop
    Check “Full 3D desktop effects”.
    If the graphic driver hasn’t yet installed,
    you couldn’t check the button.

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