emacs kana-mode with F7 katakana henkan

Posted On June 1, 2008

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get uim, uim-anthy, uim-el


(require ‘uim)
(uim-mode-on) ;; for Edgy
(global-set-key “\C-o” ‘uim-mode)
(setq uim-default-im-engine “anthy”)
(uim-mode-off) ;; for Edgy
(setq uim-candidate-display-inline t)
;; apply C-h to backspace

;; uim-mod
;; when on / off, cursor color was changed
;; uim on -> japanese input on
(defadvice uim-this-command-keys (around uim-send-zenkaku-hankaku)
(setq ad-return-value `[zenkaku-hankaku]))
(defadvice uim-mode (around my-uim-mode)
(setq uim-default-im-engine “anthy”)
(set-face-background ‘cursor (if ad-return-value “blue” “indian red”))
(ad-activate-regexp “uim-send-zenkaku-hankaku”)
(ad-deactivate-regexp “uim-send-zenkaku-hankaku”))
(ad-activate-regexp “my-uim-mode”)

;write this to the end of .emacs



(define default-widget_anthy_kana_input_method ‘action_anthy_kana)




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