Ubuntu LaTeX; change fonts of xdvi preview

Posted On August 10, 2008

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#sudo gedit /etc/texmf/vfontmap.d/20ptex-jisfonts.map

### For ptex-jisfonts
rml-jis JIS-H
gbm-jis JIS-H


### For ptex-jisfonts
@Mincho Roman|Mincho@
rml-jis JIS-H
@Gothic SansSerif|Gothic@
gbm-jis JIS-H

#cd /etc/defoma/hints/
#sudo defoma-font register-all ipamonafont.hints
#sudo update-vfontmap

#sudo gedit /etc/defoma/hints/ipamonafont.hints
search “begin /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ipamona/ipag-mona.ttf” category, then add
Alias = GothicBBB-Medium
and change the “Priority” value to 60.

search “begin /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ipamona/ipam-mona.ttf”category, then add
Alias = Ryumin-Light
and change the “Priority” value to 60.

#sudo defoma-font reregister-all ipamonafont.hints
#sudo update-vfontmap



In Ubuntu 8.10, ipamonafont.hints may be ttf-ipamonafont.hints.

Ubuntu 8.10 has IPAFonts, so it would be better to change ttf-ipafont.hints instead of ttf-ipamonafont.honts.


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